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Using Remote Debugging On Another PC

If you’re developing a multi user app or just want to try your app out on another PC you can use Visual Studios remote debugging feature. You don’t even need to have Visual Studio set up on the remote PC for this to work. There’s a few things that need to be done so let’s get stuck in. Remote Tools For Visual Studio Before you do anything you are going to need to find the right remote tools for your version of Visual Studio.┬áHead on over to and download Remote Tools for Visual Studio. Note: If you are...

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Anti-virus and Performance

As I recently discovered, your anti-virus real time protection can cause all sorts of issues with Visual Studio. This my guide on how to set up your environment for less hassles and the added side effect of a faster visual studio environment. Exclude your project folders from real time protection If you are super organised and keep all of you projects under a master folder then is an easy tip, otherwise you are going to need to add each project folder to your exclusion list in your Anti-Virus Software. It’s okay to allow your scheduled virus scans to scan...

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Visual Studio Environment Set Up Tips

We all like our development environment set up our own way but I wanted to put together a list of the handy tips and tricks I use every day when developing in Visual Studio with VB.Net. Keyboard Shortcuts Code Formatting CTRL + M + M   Collapse/Expand the current code regionDepends where your cursor is as to what region will be affected. If inside a sub for example it will only work on the sub itself. CTRL + M + O   Collapse DefinitionsDo this inside a #Region to collapse all subs inside that region but leave the region...

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XAML Designer slows me down

One of the biggest workflow stoppers I have when developing UWP apps is visual studio itself. The XAML designer has always been very slow but it also gets in the way when debugging and general coding. You can disable the XAML designer and this makes a massive difference but it’s also nice to still be able to visually see your pages while coding. The answer is to use Blend. It actually has a better XAML designer than visual studio (the built in storyboarding is awesome) and you can have both open at the same time. First let’s disable the...

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Debug.WriteLine isn’t working

A great way to debug your code is to write values or notifications out to the debug window. Adding a simple line like so should write the text to your Debug window in Visual studio: Debug.WriteLine("Something really cool just happened") But when you run your code your Debug window stays empty: What’s going on here? Well, there’s an option to send all of the debug output to the immediate window and this is turned on by default. This isn’t what we want, so to change it go to Tools -> Options and select Debugging -> General. In the list...

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