Category: Workarounds and Fixes

Intellisense and code suggestion has stopped working in Visual Studio

Sometimes the auto complete, code suggestion feature called Intellisense in Visual Studio will just stop working for no reason. It’s very easy to get it back on track though without having to restart Visual Studio or your PC. Click on the Tools menu and select Options Select Text Editor -> Languages -> General Untick Auto list members Untick Parameter Information Now re-tick Auto list members Lastly re-tick Parameter Information and click on OK Rarely, you might find that just one document isn’t working while others still are.  Try closing all documents and then re-opening the one that wasn’t to...

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Cannot build using Release configuration

So you’ve been working hard away developing your app. Everything works fine when you compile using Debug and then you go to compile in Release and it all goes wrong. The compiler takes a very long time to do anything and then comes back with some cryptic errors like the following: STARTPROCESSTASK : error : Out of Memory \ilc\IlcInternals.targets(1192,5): error : Internal Compiler Error nutc_driver.exe returned exit code 1 So what’s happening here? When you compile for the store your app must use the .NET Native toolchain. This is ticked under your Advanced Compile Options under your App Properties page...

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