You can use any True Type Font (.ttf) in your app relatively easily. Here’s how:

  • Copy your ttf font file into the Assets folder
  • Make sure the properties of the font file are:
    Build Action: Content
    Copy to Output Directory: Do not copy
  • To use the font in your XAML file reference it like so:
    <TextBlock Text="My Custom Font" FontFamily="Assets/fontfilename.ttf#FontName"></TextBlock>
  • To use the font in your VB Code set it like so:
      textBlock.FontFamily = New FontFamily("Assets/fontfilename.ttf#FontName")

To get the FontName, right click on the .ttf file and select Properties -> Details. Use the Title as the FontName

For example to use Arial .FontFamily would be “Assets/arial.ttf#Arial”

NOTE: Windows 10 Desktop supports other font formats but Windows 10 Mobile should use ttf.