We all like our development environment set up our own way but I wanted to put together a list of the handy tips and tricks I use every day when developing in Visual Studio with VB.Net.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Code Formatting
CTRL + M + M   Collapse/Expand the current code region
Depends where your cursor is as to what region will be affected. If inside a sub for example it will only work on the sub itself.
CTRL + M + O   Collapse Definitions
Do this inside a #Region to collapse all subs inside that region but leave the region open
CTRL + M + A   Collapse Everything
CTRL + M + L   Expand Everything
CTRL + K + D   Format Document
CTRL + K + F   Format Selection
Code Functions
CTRL + U   Make selection Lowercase
CTRL + Shift + U   Make selection Uppercase
CTRL + J   List Members
CTRL + K + C   Comment Selection
CTRL + K + U   Uncomment Selection
Moving around your code
CTRL + K + K   Toggle Bookmark
CTRL + K + N   Move to Next Bookmark
CTRL + K + P   Move to Previous Bookmark
CTRL + K + W   Show the Bookmark List window
CTRL + K + L   Clear all Bookmarks
CTRL + K + H   Add/Remove the current line to the Task List
Window Shortcuts
CTRL + F6   Next Code Tab
CTRL + Shift + F6   Previous Code Tab