What’s this site about?

I love C#, I really do but VB.NET just makes more sense to me personally as a developer. It’s easier to read, easier to type and easier to debug. There’s nothing that you can do in C# that can’t be done in VB.Net. After all, it all gets compiled by the same compiler.

With Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP) strategy I’ve decided to move away from my normal WinForm approach and build new skills while developing for the UWP. I have to be honest, I’m really liking what I’m learning. The trouble is most examples, tutorials and documentation is all written in C#. UWP itself is also continually evolving and a lot has changed and new things are always being added.

This site is my repository for things I’ve learnt and for things I need to remember. I’ve made it public because it may just help someone else out too. It’s all about sharing, right?